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Body Treatments

Brisbane Body Treatments

Embark on a transformative journey with our advanced laser treatments at The Aesthetic Co. Our state-of-the-art Cutera and Byonik laser devices address a spectrum of concerns, from acne and pigmentation to redness and hair removal. Experience tailored solutions for radiant, flawless skin.

Exomide Hair Restoration

Discover the transformative power of Exomide Hair Restoration, originating from South Korea, harnessing nano-sized vesicles to stimulate robust hair follicle regrowth and enhance scalp health.

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Non-Surgical BBL

Introducing Non-Surgical BBL, a revolutionary solution for a naturally lifted buttocks using advanced techniques combining volumizers and truSculpt Flex.

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Excessive Sweating

Combat excessive underarm sweating with our innovative solution at The Aesthetic Co, offering relief from axillary hyperhidrosis with a TGA-approved anti-sweat molecule.

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Slimyonik Metabolism Booster

Experience the Slimyonik Metabolism Booster, harnessing oxygen-rich therapy to boost metabolism, support weight loss, and sculpt the body while reducing cellulite.

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Hip Dip Reduction

 Smooth out hip dips and enhance your curves with our Hip Dip Reduction treatment, filling hollow indents using advanced re-volumizers for a balanced silhouette.

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Vitamin Infusions

Revitalise your body with our vitamin infusions at The Aesthetic Co, providing essential nutrients directly into your bloodstream for maximum effectiveness and well-being.

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Truflex Muscle Toning

Unlock the secret to effortless muscle toning with truFlex Muscle Toning, tailored to your fitness levels and goals, mimicking intensive workouts for a toned, sculpted body.

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