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Offering the balance of beauty, medicine and science with a qualified team who take the time to understand what you want

Trusting a clinic, and a person, to care for your skin, is never a decision that should be taken lightly. In us, you have found the perfect balance of beauty, science, and a skilled team that takes the time to understand what you really want. Before we meet and get to know you in person, have a read of our values and features below. We hope these will help you decide if we are the right team to look after you.

We enhance, not construct

We are best known for creating enhancements that look natural. This is the kind where people ask you what you do to maintain the appearance, suppleness and youthfulness of your skin, because you genuinely don’t look like you’ve had any help. Even our lip fillers, that enhance the size and volume of the lips, maintain a seamless appearance.

We are built on trust

Privacy, confidentiality and safety are of the utmost importance to us. Our first priority is ensuring that you feel comfortable, confident – and excited! No question, concern or fear is too small to ask. We work on complete transparency – meaning you always know what is happening and why.

We reject cookie-cutter methods

It makes our hearts heavy when we hear of people having bad experiences with other clinics that assume everyone wants to look the same, and then use low-quality (read: cheaper for the clinic) products to produce a result that makes them cringe and well up with tears. We will never do this.

We emphasise your natural and beautiful features in a way that highlights your face and body. Every person’s injection and treatment is carefully designed and administered for them alone.

Prevention is power

We are big advocates for prevention, working with many women in their late twenties and early thirties to optimise their skin care and use preventative treatments to delay the effects of ageing. This means that their skin is not only easier to manage and maintain as they age, but they maintain their confidence and the love of their skin throughout the years.

Skin care is a science first

Your skin has three primary layers. The first layer has five sub-layers. In each layer, there are many types of skin cells, as well as sweat glands, blood vessels and nerve endings. When you’re working with the skin, you must understand how you’re impacting every structure. Otherwise, the skin is vulnerable, both in the short and long-term.

Understanding the science behind skin care is essential to be able to safely and effectively treat the skin. This is why we are not beauticians, but board-registered medical professionals that have specialist training in cosmetic injectables and skin care.

We prioritise your safety

We maintain the highest level of safety, hygiene and infection control in our clinic, operating to the same safety standards and protocols as hospitals, as set out in Australian medical legislation. Every consultant you meet is a board-registered health professional that is further certified in medical cosmetic injectables. This means that all of our processes and standards are governed by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, meaning they are of the highest quality.

Jacintha Murphy assisting a client

Meet Our Founder

Jacintha Murphy

 Registered Nurse, Cosmetic Nurse

“Welcome to The Aesthetic Company! I’m so happy to have the opportunity to help you take control of your skin.”

I’ve created this clinic to be your escape, your pick-me-up, your confidence booster, and a place that you know you can walk out of feeling on top of the world. I also want it to be a place you feel safe, when it comes to trusting the appearance of your skin in someone’s hands. I know the vulnerable and nerve-wracking feeling of visiting an injectables and skin care clinic for the first time all too well, so I want this to be a place where you know that you’ll be taken care of by skilled and passionate professionals that take their work very seriously – and are great at what they do.

We do things a bit differently around here, and we hope you’ll love our thoughtful touches and personal gestures that transform a potentially uncertain time into one you’ll rave about.

I’m a Master Clinician, an Advanced Injector, a Registered Nurse, and a mother of two beautiful school-aged children. This means that I understand how hectic and exhausting life gets through the seasons – and the effects that our appearance can have on not just our confidence but our mental health!

It’s an honour to spend my days helping men and women feel confident and beautiful. I have a burning passion for educating young adults about how taking those small steps to look after their skin now can greatly impact their skin health in the future.

I’m always learning, training and brainstorming new techniques and ways that the team and I, can help serve you better.

If you have any questions, I’d love to answer them for you. Just fill in our contact form here.

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