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When fat is ‘burnt’ – where does it go? 84% of fat is expelled through the lungs, while the remaining 16% comes out in bodily fluids. Slimyonik utilises these scientific principles, combining enriched oxygen inhalation with a precise 30-minute pressure massage over your abdomen, buttocks and legs. This is clinically proven to activate your lymphatic flow and improve your metabolism, while increasing blood flow to your skin and fat tissues.

The result is a reduction in the appearance of cellulite, drainage of excess fluid accumulated in the body, a slimmer and tighter skin appearance, the promotion of fat metabolism, and improved recovery after liposuction. All this, while burning 400 calories per 30-minute session.



Treatment Timee

45 minutes

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The Six Functions Of Slimyonik

Slimyonik offers six different function settings to match your goals. These

Improve Cellulite Appearance

Slimyonik can help to improve the tightness of your skin, improving your silhouette. By reducing the build-up of excess fluid in your body and improving your lymphatic drainage, the appearance of cellulite is reduced.


The slimming session burns approximately 400 calories, to assist your slimming and weight-loss journey. It also assists with tightening and strengthening the connective tissues, without needing to exercise after the session.

Fluid mobilisation

With 24 overlapping air chambers, 100% of your lymphatic fluid is effectively mobilised, helping to eliminate it from the areas the suit is applied to – from your abdomen to your feet. This helps promote a slimmer and contoured appearance.

Liposuction partner

Slimyonik is also indicated for use if you’ve had liposuction. It is safe for use while recovering, helping you to heal faster, achieve smoother skin contours, and feel better.


Whether it is from sports or you need to recover from an event, Slimyonik helps to eliminate the lactic acid that is built-up during strenuous activity. This means that you recover faster with less muscle soreness and cramping.


Slimyonik can also help with general relaxation, helping you to unwind and feel better on tired and achy legs. This lets you gently reap the metabolic and lymphatic benefits of the treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Slimyonik suitable for everyone?
No, not everyone. It is not indicated for those with heart failure, inflamed lymph nodes, arteriosclerosis or venous circulatory disorders, leg vein thrombosis, venous infections, gangrene, inflammatory or febrile disorders, open or infected wounds, inflammation in the abdomen, buttocks or legs, cancer, and anyone that is pregnant or breastfeeding.
What can I expect after the treatment?
Be mindful that each body is different when starting the treatment, so the rate at which you see results may differ. Generally, after your session, you may start to notice improved skin texture and purification, fluid moved from problem areas, slimmer and firmer skin appearance, cellulite reduction and a measurable circumference difference.
Is Slimyonik safe?
Yes, Slimyonik is safe as it largely utilises and enhances the body’s natural processes, while adding comfortable pressure to the area. Just ensure that you discuss any medical problems you have before treatment to ensure your suitability, and read the FAQ about suitability.
How many sessions do I need to start seeing results?
Slimyonik is a treatment that you complete in conjunction with healthy eating and exercise. It is not a standalone treatment. It doesn’t replace the gym – it is complementary to the gym and exercise. The number of sessions you need to start seeing results largely depends on your goals. As a baseline, it is ideal to do two sessions per week for approximately 15 sessions.

You can also achieve results with one session per week, here is a great example of a woman who lost 17kgs:

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