Double Chin Reduction

Love Your Jawline

Our genetics and weight can determine whether we store fat beneath our jawline and chin. When we do and a double chin develops, it can impair our confidence, leaving us feeling self-conscious and unhappy with our appearance. While weight loss can help some, the genetic involvement of others may leave them with a double chin regardless.

We inject a medically-formulated solution into the area to dissolve the fat cells, and prevent them from returning to store more fat in the future. This means a happier and more confident you. This procedure is completed without invasive surgery, making it a great alternative to liposuction for many women.


Due to the nature of the swelling, we recommend that you avoid excessive exercise and heat for 3 – 5 days following your procedure.

Treatment Timee

45 – 60 minutes

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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes a double chin to form?
Fat beneath the chin is called submental fat and usually accumulates due to increased body weight and genetic factors. This means that some people are predisposed to fat accumulation below the chin as they put on weight. As the fat accumulates, the jawline becomes less defined, and gives the appearance of a second chin.
How quickly will I see results?
You will start to see noticeable results as early as 3 weeks after your treatment, with maximum results observed at 6 weeks depending on how your body metabolises the injections. This is influenced by the size of the fat present to begin with, and the number of treatments you have. The action of the treatment starts approximately 15 minutes after injection.
Is this treatment suitable for everyone?
This injection is best suited to people that have skin that is not too loose, so the area can naturally tighten well after the injection. The injection itself does not tighten the skin. It is also best suited to those without excessively large fat deposits below the skin. If the fat deposits are very large, liposuction may be a better option, although it is invasive surgery.

We do not recommend this treatment during pregnancy.

How does the injection work?
The product that we inject into the fatty region has a fat metabolising agent that induces the destruction of the fat cells. This process can take weeks to complete. Depending on the volume of fat and the number of injections used, you may experience tenderness, swelling and bruising, as well as some other effects of the fat cell destruction and repair process.

We’ll run you through everything you can expect and how to best manage it at your consultation with us.

How long does the treatment last for?
After the fat cells are destroyed, they cannot regenerate. As your body does not create new fat cells, this is a permanent solution.
How long does it take to recover?
As the procedure is minimally invasive, you are able to return to regular, non-strenuous activity the day following the treatment. We recommend that you take the remainder of the day to rest following your treatment, and avoid exercise beyond walking for 3 days following your treatment.
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